Partridgeberry, Redberry, Tyttebaer, Too

Compiled by Ellen Bryan Obed
Maine Authors Publishing

An eleven-year old boy in Norway writes to the children in Newfoundland and Labrador and other northern countries, telling them about the tyttebaer (partridgeberry) in his country. The children answer Erik’s letter with letters and art, stories, photos, and recipes of their own. Interspersed with these entries are contributions from older generations who know and love the partridgeberry and have a story to tell or a recipe to share.

Identified by one Latin name, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, the berry is known by many common names. Tyttebaer in Norway, lingon in Sweden, cranberry in Alaska, partridgeberry in Newfoundland, redberry and kimminnaq in Nunavut and kokemomo in Japan.

PRAISE FOR Partridgeberry, Redberry, Tyttebaer, Too

Partridgeberry, Redberry, Tyttebaer, Too provides a multicultural glimpse of family anecdotes about this favorite northern berry. It is equally suited to educational purposes in the sciences and social studies. I recommend this book to anyone with a curiosity for the history and diverse applications for this remarkable fruit!”
~ Kirk Hillier, Associate Professor of Biology, Acadia University